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Upstate Protective Services prides itself in the level of training offered to all of our agents. In our business, preparation and expecting the unexpected is a cornerstone of our philosophy. This is supported through both classroom and field training initiatives. All agents are also provided with “on the job” training to ensure our complete understanding of any tasks required to be performed.

 Upstate Protective Services training programs exceed state required mandates and our continuing education programs improve productivity and minimize liability. Additionally, Cross-training of our employees creates interest in working and greatly reduces employee turnover.

 Employee development programs are regularly introduced in order to further develop our staff and identify those employees who possess the motivation to succeed. We strongly believe in “cultivating” our own people, and our Employee Development programs represent the key element in this process.

Orientation and group specific training includes:

Client Expectations

Company Policy and Regulations

Complete Tour of each Post

Employee Customer Service

Introduction to the company

Overview of Specifications

Program Goals and Objectives

Security Objectives

Technology and Communications Overview

Visitor Customer Service

If you require more information about our company, please call us now at (518) 857-0012 so that we can analyze and customize your needs

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